Im especially pleased to offer copyediting and proofreading services for scholars at all levelsundergrads, grad students, postdocs, researchers, and facultyfor a wide range of academic projects:

  • books
  • journal articles
  • dissertations
  • theses
  • term papers
  • essays
  • research proposals
  • CVs and cover letters

Academic writing and editing, especially for journal publication, can be a specialty all its own. I edit in all the major style guidelines required by journals and academic institutions (including APA and MLA) and have helped many academic authors produce professional-level articles, proposals, and writing samples for submission.

Academic editing includes all the services of a thorough copyedit: correcting errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style; assuring that in-text citations and references are formatted in accordance with specific style requirements; checking that each in-text citation has a correct and corresponding reference (and vice versa); clarifying and consolidating wordy and overlong sentences; and assuring that the technical language (jargon) is appropriate for the target audience. Often, a bit of substantive developmental editing is done to help organize the flow of ideas and arguments and to allow good scholarship to tell a good story.

Its hard to overstate the importance of having your writing carefully reviewed by another setor several setsof eyes, especially in the wild world of academe. And it’s not only about the publishing or the tenure. Scholars who open their work to careful, honest, interactive review, whether by trusted peers or mentors or by a professional editor, tend to become better writers as a result.